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Chinese Cultural Heritage And Martial Art
Visit Shaolin Temple and watch a live Chinese martial art performance.
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Detail Itinerary
Day 1 Depart USA for Shanghai, China
Day 2 Arrive in Shanghai
Your tour of one of the most fascinating countries in the world begins in the most cosmopolitan city in China: Shanghai. An English-speaking guide will meet you at the airport, drive you to your hotel, and help you check in.
Day 3 Shanghai B,L,D,
Today you’ll revisit Shanghai’s past as you visit the Old Downtown and classical Yu Garden. Old Downtown has many narrow zigzag lanes, small squares, fins ponds and pavilions. There are many local bars, restaurants, tea houses and souvenir shops. Built 400 years ago, Yu Garden is a famous ancient private garden with architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties. Owing to its ingenious design, it became a museum of typical Chinese ancient architecture. You will see vivid brick-carving figures of warlords and warriors, unique animal statues standing on the roofs of ancient buildings and the huge dragons decorated on the walls. In the afternoon, you will visit the fascinating Shanghai Museum to see artifacts from every period of China’s past. Next, you will take a short waling tour at People’s Square, where you can find some of the best collection of modern architecture. If time permits, you’ll tour a carpet factory. After dinner, you’ll attend a thrilling acrobatic show.
Day 4 Shanghai/Zhengzhou B,L,SD
Visit Jade Buddha Temple and Nanjing Road in the morning. Then take an afternoon flight to Zhengzhou – capital city of Henan Province. You will tour Henan Museum – one of the four major museums in China, and you'll see the impressive collections of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. This evening, you will enjoy a welcome dinner.
Day 5 Zhengzhou/Luoyang B,L,SD
Excursion to Dengfeng, where you will visit the legendary Shaolin Temple, home of Chan (Zen) Buddhism and one of the cradles of Chinese martial arts. You'll watch a live martial art performance and then tour Pagoda Forest. After a vegetarian lunch prepared for you by the monks, you will be driven to Guanxing Tai Observatory – the oldest surviving observatory in China.
Day 6 Luoyang B,L,D,
Start your day with a visit to the Dragon Gate Grottoes. Started from 494 AD during Northern Wei dynasty, over 100,000 images and statues of Buddha and his disciples have been carved into the cliff walls for a kilometer long along both banks of the Yi River. These displays represent the peak of Buddhism cave art. Then you will tour the White Horse Temple – the 1st Buddhist temple built in China. If time permits, you will visit the Luoyang Museum of Ancient Tombs.
Day 7 Luoyang/Xi'an by Express Train B,L,D,
This morning, you will board an express train to Xi'an – the ancient capital for six dynasties. You will be escorted to your hotel.
Day 8 Xi'an B,L,SD
Today you’ll visit the excavation site of the Terracotta Warriors. More than 6000 soldiers, ministers, and horses, each individually sculpted from a real life model, stand guarding Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s still unopened tomb. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the site, get a good look at the warriors from various vantage points and visit the excellent museum. Next, you’ll take a tour of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, built in 652 AD to house Buddhist scriptures from India. Afterwards, you'll visit the fabled Huaqing Hot Spring Palace where legendary beauty Yang Guifei and Emperor Xuanzong spent their winters. Tonight you’ll celebrate Xi'an’s rich history with dinner and entertainment; enjoy the magnificent Tang Dynasty Show while sampling the regional specialty – Xi'an dumplings.
Day 9 Xian /Beijing B,L,D,
This morning you'll fly to Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China. An English-speaking guide will meet you at the airport, drive you to your hotel, and help you check in. Afterwards, you will tour the Summer Palace, a fairyland of pagodas, pavilions and stone bridges on the outskirts of the city. You will cruise on the Kunming Lake. In the evening enjoy a cultural show.
Day 10 Beijing B,L,D,
Today’s sightseeing begins in Tiananmen Square, the heart of Beijing and the largest public space on earth. Step back in time as you pass through the Gate of Heavenly Peace and enter the Forbidden City, home to the Imperial Courts of the Ming and Qing Dynasties for more than 500 years. The Forbidden City is an enormous complex of perfectly preserved palaces, temples, magnificent squares and formal gardens. You’ll stroll down cobblestone paths once known only to the Emperor’s most intimate advisors, visit the private chambers of Imperial concubines and see stunning collections of priceless art, furnishings, and jewelry. Next, you will visit the Pandas Garden in Beijing Zoo. Afterwards, you’ll visit the Temple of Heaven, one of China’s most photographed attractions. This ornate wooden structure was where the “Sons of Heaven”, as the Chinese Emperors were known, worshiped the gods and prayed for good harvests. It is the largest temple complex in China and the lovely park surrounding the ancient tower is a popular spot for morning Tai Chi. If time permits, you’ll visit a pear workshop.
Day 11 Beijing B,L,SD
Today you’ll start your day by visiting the iconic “Beijing 2008 Olympic Center”. After taking pictures of the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, you’ll leave the bustle and traffic of Beijing behind and journey through the countryside to see one of the Wonders of the World – The Great Wall. There will be plenty of time to walk along a portion of this 3700-mile long marvel or to simply sit and contemplate the wonders of China’s past. After lunch you’ll visit the massive tomb complex of the Ming Emperors where you’ll walk along the “Sacred Way” passing between pairs of huge stone sculptures. If time permits, you’ll visit a jade carving factory and observe the skilled artisans at work as they create intricate designs. This evening, you’’ enjoy a Peking Duck Farewell Dinner.
Day 12 Beijing / USA B,
Say “zaijian” (goodbye) to Beijing. You will be driven to the airport for your flight home.