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Day 1 Depart USA for Beijing, China
Day 2 Arrive in Beijing
Your tour of one of the most fascinating countries in the world begins in Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China. An English-speaking guide will meet you at the airport escort you to your hotel
Day 3 Beijing/Urumqi B,L,D,
Today you will take a morning flight to Urumqi. The flight geographically covers two of the world's largest deserts, lots of tall, dry red rock formations and snow-capped mountains, valleys, and canyons. When you look out of your window, you may wonder whether or not you are flying over Mars! After arrival, you'll take an excursion 70 km (about 43.5 miles) southwest to Nanshan Grassland, one of the eight major deep valleys and passage ways along Tianshan (Heavenly Mountain), where we will visit and chat with Kazak, Uzbek, and Kyrgyztanian minorities and drink strong milk tea with homemade snacks.
Day 4 Urumqi B,L,D,
You’ll be driven to Heavenly Lake, which is at an elevation of 2600 meters (about 8530 ft) on the top of the mountain. The enchanting lake is flanked by rugged pines and cypresses, with melted clear waters reflecting the surroundings of the snow-capped Boghanar peak, the main and highest peak of Heavenly Mountain at an elevation of 5446 meters (about 17,867 feet). The peak has always been regarded as a holy mountain by Turks and the genesis of Central Asian nations. You'll cruise on the lake and then take a golf car around the surroundings of the lake. Next, you will return back to the city and visit the Provincial Museum, where you can view mummies from over 2,000 years ago. If there is time left, you will also tour around Red Hill Park and visit the Bazaar, believed to be the largest outdoor market in the province.
Day 5 Urumqi /Turpan B,L,D,
Turpan is a Uighur town set in a large oasis surrounded by desert and dry mountains. You'll visit a mysterious ghost town – the ruins of Jiaohe – which reveals traces of a prosperous ancient trading center and military stronghold from around 1600 years ago, formerly the most frontal border in Western China for the dynasties. Next, you will visit Ancient Karez, an underground dam, and its museum. Turpan is also famous throughout China for its big, sweet and juicy grapes and gourds, so you will also get a chance to visit a grape valley, where you can go taste and enjoy fruits there.
Day 6 Turpan/Urumqi/Kashigar B,L,D,
You'll visit the Sugong Pagoda, also known as the Turpan Pagoda. Next, you will visit the Flaming Mountain and Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes, and then have lunch at a local family's home. This afternoon you will be driven back to Urumqi to take a flight to Kashigar.
Day 7 Kashigar / Urumqi B,L,D,
This morning you'll go to “Sunday Morning Muslim Pray,” where thousands of Muslims face the temple and kneel on the streets to pray. Then you will visit the Sunday Bazaar, the largest outdoor market in Central Asia. You will tour the temple and the tombs of Fragrant Concubine in the Old Town of Kashigar, which goes back a thousand years into a paramilitary age. Take an evening flight back to Urumqi.
Day 8 Urumqi/Dunhuang B,L,D,
You’ll take a morning flight to Dunhuang. In the afternoon you will visit a World Wonder – Mogao Grottoes. The grottoes honeycomb a 1600-meter-long cliff overlooking a river valley, located 25 km southwest of Dunhuang. It is one of the world's most important sites for ancient Buddhist Culture. The grottoes, also known as “Caves of the Thousand Buddha’s,” preserve nearly a thousand years of Buddhist cave temple architecture, clay sculpture, mural paintings, and manuscripts, dating from the 5th to 14th centuries. Over 426 caves are enormous in size and contain countless clay sculptures and more than 45,000 square meters of mural paintings, all being national treasures.
Day 9 Dunhuang B,L,D,
You’ll be driven westward across the desert to Yumen Guan (Jade Gate Pass), which was the western terminal of the Great Wall built during the Han Dynasty 2100 years ago. When you return to the city, you will board a sightseeing bus to tour Moon Lake and Sand Singing Dune. Ride a camel to enjoy the marvelous sunset.
Day 10 Dunhuang/Xi'an B,L,D,
Take a short, two-hour flight to Xi'an, imperial capital of the Tang Dynasty and eastern border of the fabled Silk Road, a city with a long tradition of welcoming foreign visitors. You’ll begin your visit with a tour of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, built in 652 AD to house Buddhist scriptures from India. You’ll also visit the Bell Tower and Xi Guan Street.
Day 11 Xi'an B,L,SD
Today's highlight is the 2000-year old army of Terracotta Warriors. More than 6000 soldiers, ministers, and horses, each individually sculpted from a real life model, stand guarding Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s still unopened tomb. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the site, get a good look at the warriors from various vantage points and visit the excellent museum. Tonight you’ll celebrate Xian’s rich history with dinner and entertainment; enjoy the magnificent Tang Dynasty Show while sampling the regional specialty – Xi'an dumplings.
Day 12 Xi'an / Shanghai B,
Fly to Shanghai, China’s most cosmopolitan city and the most dynamic city in Asia. An English-speaking tour guide will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. Rest of the day is free.
Day 13 Shanghai B,L,
You’ll revisit Shanghai’s past as you stroll along the Bund, the city’s lively waterfront, and see the remains of the banks and other colonial institutions of the 19th century. You’ll visit Yuyuan Garden in the old part of the city. You will also visit the fascinating Shanghai Museum to see artifacts from every period of China’s past. Stroll along People’s square, Nanjing Road and Xintiandi. After dinner, you’ll attend a thrilling acrobatic show.
Day 14 Shanghai B,
You will be driven to the Pudong International Airport for your flight home.