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Laos is a rare landlocked nation in Southeast Asia, known for its exquisite natural beauty and traditional Asian traditions that have been all but lost elsewhere. After years of isolation, luxury travel in Laos has only recently been refined, and with this swell the establishment of a number of breathtaking boutique hotels in Laos and contemporary Lao restaurants has added a new level of sophistication to compliment Laos’s natural allure.

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Luxury travel in Laos includes private tours that create a deep connection with the gentle and benevolent culture that characterizes Laos and its people, all while providing the most elegant examples of this country’s wonderful hospitality and gastronomy. Try laap, the national dish, or get a little risky with the spicy tam maak hung, and wash it down with Beer Lao, the choice beverage of Laos. Enjoy private tours of Laos through the streets prove enchanting enough, but the wilderness of the country, with majestic limestone karsts and epic views of the mighty Mekong, will hold you captivated. There are also a number architectural feats that ornament Laos with an air of exotic luxury, and travel in Laos tours through some of the best of these marvels, including golden stupa called Pha That Luang, the national symbol of Laos, and Haw Kham, the former royal palace.

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Absolute encourages travelers to enjoy Laos’s quiet rhythm and charm with a luxury Laos vacation. We believe that now is the best time for private luxury travel to Laos, where the tourism scene is more subdued than in other Asian countries. Laos tours are a different experience and this is the optimal time to see the nation’s revered sites before they become popular destinations. Request information about Absolute Travel’s Laos private luxury tours to plan your visit to this jewel of Asia.

The Absolute Laos Experience

If you’re interested in visiting Laos, Absolute has all the Laos travel information and Laos travel tips you could ask for. There is a lot to learn about Laos travel, but the two areas travelers are most often interested in visiting are Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

Vientiane is set along the Mekong River near Thailand and is the capital and largest city of Laos. Stop by Wat Sisaket, believed to be the oldest temple in the city, check out the collection of statuary at Wat Pra Keo Museum, and ogle at the colonial villas around the Presidential Palace. Learn about Laos with travel steeped in culture and attend the That Luang Festival in November, when the stupa becomes the center of activities, candle-lit processions, and entertainment. Compare Patuxai to Paris’ similar Arc De Triomphe; enjoy the calm of Xieng Khuan, also known as Buddha Park, with its eclectic array of Buddhist and Hindu statuary in a meadow near the Mekong River; and shop the Morning Market for weavings, Lao cotton, and ceramics.

In Luang Prabang you can enjoy the unhurried pace and quiet streets of the ancient Royal Capital, attend one of the city’s many festivals, and compare the architectural style of the city’s temples with that of Northern Thailand. Visit Mount Phousi, covered with small wats, panoramic views of the city and the Mekong; stop in at the Palace Museum for its intentional mix of Lao and French architectural styles; see Wat Xieng Thong to with its mosaics and classic Luang Prabang style sweeping roofs. Travel to Wat Visoun, the oldest in the city, with its 35-meter Lotus stupa and lovely collection of Buddha statues; shop for produce alongside locals at That Luang market; and take a sail up the Mekong to visit the magnificent Buddha statues at the Pak Ou caves.

There is so much to learn about Laos and travel with Absolute ensures you will be provided with the most knowledgeable guides and most luxurious accommodations all the way. Get the Laos travel information you need; inquire about touring options in Laos and start your Southeast Asian adventure today!

Hidden Wonders Of Laos
  • Laos has some of the most beautiful scenery and picturesque towns in all of Southeast Asia. Think lush, lush jungles, glistening rice terraces, riverside towns full of faded French mansions and colonial charm, and cobblestone streets that you share with monks. Here, you’ll hike verdant tea plantations, tour miles of ancient temples, visit remote tribal villages, and stay on one of the thousands of tiny, tropical islands sprinkled throughout the Mekong.
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Wild Beauty Of Laos

Get lost in Laos’ powerfully beautiful and seductive landscape. You’ll swim in the pools under Tad Lo waterfalls, hike to traditional Alak villages and meet indigenous tribespeople, explore miles of crumbling temples at Wat Phou, and wander the fantastically charming riverside city of Luang Prabang, which is filled with monasteries, religious monuments, and crumbling French colonial buildings.

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Lose yourself in the dreamlike beauty of Thailand and Laos as you drift down the Mekong River on two separate cruises. You’ll make leisurely stops at fishing villages and breathtaking ancient temples, and travel among the thousands of enchanting islands of southern Laos. You’ll have plenty of time to explore each country’s most captivating sites, such as Laos’ Luang Prabang, a charming city with some of the region’s best traditional architecture, and the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai, where you can explore the storied jungles of the Golden Triangle.

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