The 7,000 island archipelagic nation of the Philippines entices with its natural beauty, exuberant festivals, and stunning resorts. For many, luxury travel in the Philippines evokes images of brilliant coastlines, cascading rice terraces, lush rainforests, coral reefs teeming with life, and a colorful culture found nowhere else. Absolute Travel custom luxury Philippines tours will awaken you to this magical land.

Highlights Of the Philippines

• The 7,000 islands of the Philippines offer a lifetime’s worth of adventure and mystery. This is a place where you can trek through wildly green volcanic landscapes, have pristine deserted islands all to yourself, contemplate perfectly preserved Spanish churches, swim with whale sharks, and dance in the streets during one of the many fiestas that take place throughout the year.

Experiences :
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Natural Wonders Of The Philippines

• Steamy jungles, cool mountain towns, indigenous tribes, turquoise lagoons, and the whitest of the white sands beaches—the islands of the Philippines have everything you need for the perfect tropical adventure. You’ll hike glistening rice terraces, explore ancient burial grounds, swim in hidden waterfalls, and relax on miles of dramatically rugged yet utterly serene coastlines.

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12 days

The Philippines serves some of Asia’s most exciting cuisine, a mouthwatering mix of Asian and Spanish flavors—think garlicky crabs, oxtail stew, sautéed crickets, coconut fish, and tender pork every way imaginable. On this tantalizing tour, you’ll eat everywhere from celebrated restaurants to food stalls, shop colorful local markets with experts, and take private cooking classes. You’ll also have plenty of time to chill out on jungle-fringed, white sand beaches, and swim in outrageously clear waters.

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