Absolute Asia was the first US-based company to bring Americans to Vietnam over twenty years ago, and we’re as excited to send people there now as we were then. The cities of this vibrant country present dramatically different faces: Saigon throbs with an economic renaissance while Hanoi maintains its image as the center of Vietnamese culture, intellect, and tradition.

The countryside is equally varied, from the scenic limestone karst formations in Halong Bay, to the beaches of Nha Trang, to the rural villages and lush tropical landscapes of the Mekong Delta. Northern Vietnam is also a favorite for many travelers, offering hill tribe villages and dramatic mountain scenery. Absolute Travel’s long-standing relationship with Vietnam make us the preferred choice for luxury travel in Vietnam, and we will personally make sure that your luxury Vietnam vacation transcends your expectations.

Luxury Travel In Vietnam

Throughout the country, travelers relish in this country of contrasts: stunning rice paddy landscapes sit alongside chaotic cities, BMWs next to motorbikes, superb restaurants near locals slurping pho street side, and women wearing conical hats navigating bicycles around every bend. Travelers who have had the luxury to travel in Vietnam can tell you that it has a range of activities for the inquisitive traveler: whether you’re a foodie, historian, honeymooner, or seeking a wild adventure, Vietnam has the perfect trip for everyone. Our custom Vietnam tours will bring you to the forefront of Vietnamese culture, history, and tradition and will introduce you to the lovely locals that bring the warmth and hospitality that will make your journey unforgettable.

Vietnam Tours

The natural and man-made riches in Vietnam are awe-inspiring. One glimpse at Halong Bay will have you captivated by Vietnam, and tours past the limestone spears that jut from its waters like alien sea creatures will fill you with a mythological sense of awe. In the countryside, exquisite temples, pagodas, and tombs dot the landscape to further affirm the magical luxury of travel in Vietnam. Tours of the cities of Saigon and Hanoi bring the country to focus and allow you to see the two faces of a country that is influenced by both modernity and ancient customs. Feel the excitement of the country’s urban spirit or enjoy a more leisurely luxury Vietnam vacation, focused on the exquisite wonders of the country’s verdant jungle coastline. Sublime landscapes, beautiful art, colorful markets, and fascinating people are never hard to find in this Southeast Asian paradise, and Absolute Travel’s options for luxury travel in Vietnam give you the best of it all.

Our journeys to Vietnam provide wonderful insight into Southeast Asia’s past, present, and future. Absolute Travel’s knowledge, local relationships, and ability to arrange insider experiences for travelers during their luxury vacation in Vietnam make our journeys the most compelling in the industry.

The Absolute Vietnam Experience

We have compiled some of our favorite things to do in Vietnam along with some Vietnam travel tips to make sure that you don’t miss anything on your luxury vacation. As you take time to peruse our Vietnam travel information you will learn about Vietnam travel’s many options; we will make sure to incorporate all of your must-see destinations into your customized travel itinerary!

Start off your trip in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) where you can check out the colonial architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral and Dong Khoi, the latter of which was the heart of French colonial life. Head to Cholon, the city’s Chinatown, to experience its extensive market where you can purchase dried mushrooms, pottery, incense, chili paste and much more. For visitors looking to learn about Vietnamese history, consider a stop at the War Remnants Museum or the Reunification Palace, the latter still appearing as it did when a North Vietnamese tank stormed its gates in 1975.

We learn about Vietnam travel to bring you a variety of unique experiences in and around Ho Chi Minh City, from a visit with your private guide to the Cu Chi tunnels that demonstrate the hardship and the tenacity of the Vietnamese guerrilla fighters during the war to a service at the unique Cao Dai Temple.

Of course, our Vietnam travel information includes Hanoi, where we recommend you try a steaming bowl of pho, a delicious soup that is considered to be the national dish of Vietnam and watch Tai Chi practitioners in the early morning hours at Hoan Kiem Lake. Look over our Vietnam travel information before heading to Hanoi and we will help you pick from a host of activities. Whether you decide to stroll through the Old Quarter, where you can see the Bach Ma Temple; stroll up the wide boulevards of the French Quarter boasting the Opera House and History Museum; view the venerated embalmed body of “Uncle Ho” at Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum; visit the ancient Temple of Literature; wander the Fine Arts Museum or simply attend a performance of water puppets we are here to make sure your journey is seamless and enjoyable.

When you learn about Vietnam travel we are certain you will want to plan a stop in North Vietnam where you can sail through the eerie karst formations of Halong Bay and stop at Cat Ba National Park.


Vietnam Now: Seaplanes, Vespas, and Amanoi
  • From sleepy fishing villages to the rooftop discos of Saigon’s bustling metropolis, age-old tradition meets a cosmopolitan modernity in Vietnam.
Experiences :
Only From $2600 $ 2860
Culinary Tour Of Vietnam
  • Let food be your guide on this enticing journey, where you’ll shop local markets with chefs and take private cooking classes all over the country so you can master regional flavors and dishes as diverse as cao lau and xoi.
Experiences :
Only From $5600 $ 6160
Cultural Highlights Of Vietnam
  • This in-depth journey will show you why we love Vietnam so much. From haunting Halong Bay, where jagged rocks sprout from the calm water, to Sapa, a stunning, lush valley high in the mountains where you can trek to traditional tribal villages and among its glistening terraced rice paddies, this is a place that captures your heart and imagination. You’ll also explore buzzing Saigon and Hanoi, where you’ll have private architectural tours, explore colorful temples and palaces, shop for antiques, and eat, eat, eat.
Experiences :
Only From $3200 $ 3520
Vietnam Explorer
14 days
  • Explore every side of this glittering jewel as you lay on its gorgeous beaches, feast in its colorful cities, explore its lush jungles, and tour its breathtaking temples. You’ll begin in Halong Bay, a surreal wonderland where thousands of limestone peaks rise from the water, before going to the imperial town of Hue, where you’ll wander among ornate temples and tombs. Next, you’re off to a tropical beach resort in Nha Trang, and to Saigon, where you’ll eat your heart out on pho and ca kho tu.
Experiences :
Only From $2500 $ 2875
Mekong Bike & Boat Adventure

• Our custom trip from Angkor to Saigon provides tourists with the perfect opportunity to see some of the areas that are less travelled in South East Asia.

Experiences :
Only From $2200 $ 2530
Vietnam In Style
10 days

• Start in the shining metropolis of Saigon, where you’ll shop markets, tour temples, and dine on pho and soft shell crab. Next, you’re off to Hoi An, a charming and historic river town where you’ll happily stroll its quiet streets for hours. In Hanoi, you’ll visit galleries and boutiques before going to Halong Bay, an enchanting area where thousands of limestone peaks rise from the sea. You’ll tour this magical region by boat and explore its hidden caves and grottos.

Experiences :
Only From $560 $ 616
Vietnam Sampler

• Begin in vibrant, exciting Saigon, where you’ll tour fragrant markets, charismatic neighborhoods, and grand palaces before heading up to Hanoi, where you’ll wander among colonial buildings, meet local artisans, shop design boutiques, and feast on cao lau and pho at exclusive restaurants and buzzing night markets. Your trip concludes with a journey to majestic Hanlong Bay, where you can sail among the thousands of rocky peaks that sprout from the water and explore their caves.

Experiences :
Only From $1200 $ 1440
Southeast Asia Explorer

• Ancient temples, teaming markets, glittering beaches, green jungles, and oh, the food. All of your senses will be ignited on this journey across Southeast Asia’s most popular destinations, where you’ll find yourself coming face to face with elephants, chanting with monks, wandering coastal towns and traditional villages, eating from steaming food stalls, and relaxing on powdery sand beaches.

Experiences :
Only From $5900 $ 6490

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